Mini-Session vs. Full Session: Choosing Your Perfect Portrait Experience

June 21, 2024

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Are you trying to decide between a quick mini-session or a deeper dive into a full session for your next photo adventure? Let’s break down the benefits of each to help you pick the perfect option for capturing your special moments.

Mini-Sessions: Quick and Budget-Friendly Fun


Convenience: Mini-sessions are short and sweet, making them perfect for busy families or individuals with tight schedules. However, this can sometimes feel rushed, especially if you have specific poses or settings in mind.

Location: The location of mini-sessions is already decided for you. I’ll select the location based on lighting and accessibility for all who are attending. They are usually dog friendly, so don’t hesitate on bringing old ‘Bruce’ with you for a shot or two – the kids will love it.

Affordability: They typically come at a lower price point compared to full sessions, offering stunning photos without a significant financial commitment.

Ideal for Special Occasions: Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, capturing the beauty of a particular season, or updating family portraits, mini-sessions provide a quick snapshot of joyous moments.


Time Constraints: The brief nature of mini-sessions may feel rushed, leaving little room for spontaneous moments or exploring multiple locations. Their limited time frame may restrict the depth of storytelling we can achieve.

Limited Customization: With less time available, there may be fewer opportunities to personalize your session with elaborate themes or extensive outfit changes.

Full Sessions: Deep Dives into Your Story


Comprehensive Coverage: Full sessions offer ample time to explore various locations, capture different moods, and tell a more detailed story of your family or milestone event.

Personalization: With more time available, you can customize your session with specific locations, props, or wardrobe changes that reflect your personality and style.

Relaxed Atmosphere: The extended duration allows everyone to relax, resulting in more natural and candid moments. This laid-back approach fosters genuine connections and authentic smiles.


Cost Considerations: Full sessions come with a higher price tag due to the extended time and editing required, which can be a significant investment for some families. It also reflects the quantity of images you receive. More images to love over.

Time Commitment: Planning and executing a full session may require more coordination and preparation, however, each client will receive access to Amy Bell Photography’s online styling app to take away any stress of confusion over this aspect. I’m always here to help.

Choosing Your Photo Adventure

Mini-Sessions are perfect for capturing quick snapshots of joy and updating your photo collection without breaking the bank. They’re ideal for busy families or anyone looking for a brief, yet meaningful photo experience.

Full sessions, on the other hand, offer a deeper dive into your story, allowing for more personalized and artistic photos that capture the essence of your family or milestone moment. They’re great for creating a comprehensive visual narrative and exploring creative ideas.

Ready to Capture Your Moments?

Whether you opt for the convenience and affordability of a mini-session or the depth and personalization of a full session, the most important thing is capturing those special moments that matter to you.

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